Dr. Amanda Aguilera

Roles at Restorative Integration: Founder, Instructor, Facilitator, Coach, Consultant


  • Power & Equity Challenge Courses
  • Introduction to Restorative Principles & Practices
  • Restorative Conversation Facilitator Training
  • Introduction to Right Use of Power

Driven by core values of curiosity, courage, and connection, Amanda’s personal mission is to be courageous in the service of reducing and repairing harm in relationship and promoting the cultural shift toward power conscious conflict positivity and conflict competency.

Amanda is the Founder of Restorative Integration and Senior Director of Mission, Culture & Inclusive Community at Naropa University where she currently supports students, faculty, and staff in critical consciousness raising, understanding power dynamics and expanding capacity for difficult conversations.

After graduating from the Contemplative Psychotherapy Buddhist Psychology Masters program at Naropa in 2008, Amanda has served her communities in multiple ways as a therapist and restorative practices advocate and trainer. Amanda has facilitated hundreds of restorative processes and has been training groups in restorative practices, conflict resolution and difficult conversations for more than ten years. She is also an Advanced Teacher Trainer and Administrative Director for the Right Use of Power Institute. Her Doctorate of Psychology focused on the dynamics of shame and power in the justice system and she continues to focus her research on the intrapersonal and interpersonal experiences of power dynamics, including the integration of neurobiology and restorative practices as they relate to power differentials.

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