We offer consulting for organizations in the areas of our expertise: social power dynamics, conflict, and grievance processes. We help you transform problems into generative organizational learning and action rooted in the breadth and
depth of knowledge needed to create responsive and customized solutions specific to your organization.


To increase energy and inspiration related to cultural change within your organization, we offer dynamic speaking engagements that can initiate and integrate collaborative learning.

Collaborative Learning

We can provide a collaborative learning experience based in one our curriculum and coaching series (like the Power & Equity Challenge) specifically for your group. When you bring your own group of 15 or more to sign up, there are several benefits: a group discount, a private group space inside the membership portal, and private live sessions.

Restorative Facilitation Training

Is your organization interested in having trained facilitators ready and available to mediate or facilitate on-the-spot or more formal reparative processes? We offer comprehensive training in restorative practices that can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Support & Accountability

We partner with organizations to develop equity strategies, and provide the support and accountability needed to implement them. This is an important aspect of cultural change. If you are trying to implement a justice, equity, diversity and inclusivity (JEDI) strategy, creating a strong support and accountability structure is essential for creating sustainable change.

We always offer a sliding scale for our services. Contact us to learn more.

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