Power Practices

Power practices

understand power dynamics

We support you in understanding the complex dimensions of power so you can navigate them from a connected and embodied place.

have a lanugage for power

We give you a language so you can talk about the dynmaics that impact your relationships.

increase your personal power

We provide opportunities for you to grow in your own power through relationship.

use your power consciously

We help you navigate your uses – and misuses- of power so that you can use your power more wisely.

Our Offerings

We have experience, expertise and passion in addressing power dynamics, ethical violations, conflict, interpersonal difficulties, misuses and abuses of power. From individuals to large organizations, we can customize an offering  to serve your specific needs. All of our services can be delivered online and/or in-person.


From assessment to guidance, we use interactive, embodied practices to help you get clear on the best way forward for you.


We will be your cheerleader and your challenger as we invite you to engage with your growth edges.


In single or grouped events, we offer a variety of training opportunities that integrate experiential & theoretical elements.

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