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Test Proposal for COR

Proposal presented by: Restorative Integration

Welcome to Restorative Integration!

We offer compassion-and-connection-centered learning, coaching and consulting in Restorative Integration as well as a robust online community platform to support your journey toward greater Power-and-Equity Consciousness.

What is Power-and-Equity Consciousness (PEC)?

Power-and-Equity Consciousness (PEC) is a term that was developed by Restorative Integration Founder, Dr. Amanda Aguilera in conversation with her colleague, Regina Smith, to refer to the state of awareness of social power dynamics, including those in interpersonal power differentials as well as collective and systemic power, that influence equity in relationship where there is a status power differential. As your PEC develops, you are more capable of seeing power dynamics as they occur, inequities that show up in those power dynamics, and deciphering your responsibilities and vulnerabilities within those dynamics.

Why do I need to develop my PEC?

Power is present in every relationship. When you have a framework for understanding power dynamics, the language to talk about it, and the skills to navigate it, you are better resourced for creating and maintaining relationships across difference.

Here are just some of the outcomes you can expect as you develop your PEC:

Create Communities of Belonging
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.” This challenge is designed to help build Beloved Community where there is mutual belonging, collective care and active responsibility.
Know Your Power
Often we can feel powerless when it comes to navigating relationships with difference. After this training, you will not only know what power you do have, but also how to use that power in ways that can empower others. Knowing your power and the accompanying responsibilities and vulnerabilities that come with it, is empowering for you, can minimize harm (misuses/abuses of power), and empowers others.
Understand Your Brain on Power
Neurobiology has a powerful influence on how we perceive the world and others. Understanding how the brain organizes around power in the power differential can help us navigate power dynamics with more integrating and understanding.
Know Ourstory
From our ancestry, cultural past, and the documented context of oppression, you will be guided through how multi-level power works to create and maintain systems of oppression. You will get an introduction to systemic power so that you have the full picture of power dynamics.
Work with Emotion
From shame to rage, confusion and frustration, intense emotions can arise when we talk about power and difference. With PEC, you can recognize emotions as they arise and choose to respond from an anti-oppression lens. Learn what it means to self-regulate without "shoulding" others.
Transform Conflict
Go from conflict-avoidant or competitive to conflict-positive by gaining the perspective and skills needed to transform interpersonal difficulties within power differentials into generative conflict and opportunities for deepening your relationships

The Power-and-Equity Challenge

Our newest curriculum and coaching series.

The Course Path

Pay what you can.


Needing Assistance
$ 2700 Per quarter


Cover All Expenses
$ 3600 Per quarter


Grow the Work
$ 5400 Per quarter

Our pricing structure is meant to make this work accessible for you and sustainable for us. 

All quarterly plans include the same access (about 5 hours of training per month) for up to 15 people in your organization. For additional people it would be $60, $100, or $120 per person per month (paid quarterly according to the plan you choose).

The initial time commitment is 9 months (3 Quarters), though we recommend you stay for the year to get the most out of the series. Payments are made automatically each quarter and will continue until you cancel (a new series is offered each year). After 9 months, you can cancel anytime.

If after you complete the first full month you don’t believe it is a good fit for you, you can cancel the remainder of the series within the first seven days of the following month and receive a 2-month refund. 


The first course will begin in January of 2021 and the last course will complete at the end of September of 2021. October, November and December are for coaching and practice. In 2022 there will be a new progressive series offered that builds on the previous year.

Estimated Timeline:

January 2021 - December 2021

Course 1: Introduction & Framework
January 2021 (2 hours)
Course 1: Live Online Session
January 2021 (2.5 hours)
Course 2: Neurobiology & Psychology of Power
February 2021 (2 hours)
Course 2: Live Online Session
February 2021 (2.5 hours)
Course 3: Cultivating Personal Power
March 2021 (2 hours)
Course 3: Live Online Session
March 2021 (2.5 hours)
Course 4: Understanding Multi-Level Power
April 2021 (2 hours)
Course 4: Live Online Session
April 2021 (2.5 hours)
Course 5: Navigating Power Differentials
May 2021 (2 hours)
Course 5: Live Online Session
May 2021 (2.5 hours)
Course 6: The Art of Giving & Receiving Feedback
June 2021 (2 hours)
Course 6: Live Online Session
June 2021 (2.5 hours)
Course 7: Introduction to Conflict
July 2021 (2 hours)
Course 7: Live Online Session
July 2021 (2.5 hours)
Course 8: Restorative Approach to Harm
August 2021 (2 hours)
Course 8: Live Online Session
August 2021 (2.5 hours)
Course 9: Commitment
September 2021 (2 hours)
Course 9: Live Online Session
September 2021 (2.5 hours)
Practice & Coaching Groups
October - December (1.5 hrs per group per month)
Ongoing Weekly Awareness Practice
January - December 2021 (30 min each)

Join Us!

If this looks like a program that can help your organization grow, we would be delighted to have you join us in this important journey toward greater PEC and Restorative Community. Once you accept below, you will be able to choose your pricing and payment method. Please note that after you select your plan, you will be charged initially for the $500 setup fee now and then the following month you will be charged the monthly fee.

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