Values & Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to create opportunities for collaborative heart-mind learning and generative, nourishing ways to engage with difference. 

We choose to challenge the status quo by integrating social power dynamics, restorative practices, neurobiology, conflict transformation, play and awareness practices. 

We continually develop ways to grow individual and collective Power-and-Equity Consciousness with dynamic, accessible, and relational education, coaching and consulting.

Our Values

Interdependence & Collaboration

We approach our work from the perspective of interdependence – that we are all inherently connected. We recognize this work cannot be done alone but must be in collaboration with each other. Therefore, we aim to center relationship and community in all we do.

Joy & Nourishment

We prioritize rest, lightness, curiosity, and playfulness as the necessary ingredients for making this work sustainable. We aim to enjoy what we do and create opportunities for others to find pleasure in this work.

Integrity & Candor

We are committed to the alignment of our words and actions with our values, mission and commitments. We aim to speak our truth with humility, compassion and empathy. 

Social Equity & Accessibility

We make our work accessible to all by creating equitable opportunities for engaging with this work. We aim to collaborate across difference and create environments where diversity can thrive.

Critical Consciousness & Growth

We create programs specifically designed to elevate critical consciousness and aim to support the growth necessary for using power with both head and heart.

Resilience & Sustainability

We return to this work even when it’s hard. We recognize this is a life-long practice and we aim to stay engaged with courage, empathy, humility and self-care.

Care & Repair

We take care of ourselves and each other. We aim to build strong connections in our relationships and invest in feedback systems so that when conflict inevitably arises, we can address difference in a way that is generative.

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